PT. Arbie Scientific regularly provides training courses focusing on coal quality. The course is presented by experts recognized in the field of coal quality, for both thermal and coking coals, who offer practical advice on best practice for the management of coal quality and its usage.

The 4-day Coal Quality course, presenting an in-depth examination of:

  • Sampling, Preparation & Coal Analysis
  • Coal Preparations Plant & Stockpile Management
  • Coal Shipment & Report Writing
  • Coal Quality & Quality Control
  • Crushing Plant & Stockpile Management
  • Quality of Coal & its effect towards utilization in Power Plant

The course is aimed at professionals from any background within the coal industry who need to develop their knowledge of coal. There is no prerequisites for the course. However, a tertiary education with a science or engineering background and exposure to the coal industry for 1-2 year will assist with terminology and context.

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